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Functional Ceramics Innovations & Technology

Prof. Dr. Ralph Lucke

Services: Analytics, Materials & Technologies

FIT-Ceramics development services co-operates with manufacturers and suppliers for advanced ceramics with regard to technological and/or materials issues. The focus of our activities are technological solutions for new products together with their launching into the market, the development of materials, especially with reference to production control as well as technological and analytical services and expertises.
Our intention is to create tough materials and reliable processes for the manufacturing of advanced ceramics. More than 15 years of experience in leading positions in industrial ceramics development are the basis for finding solutions for your success. Our network of specialists supports us supplying practically all ceramic related development services. Our well-equipped lab with good transport connections is at your disposal.
Our industrial partners trust in us - since 2002.

Equipment Laboratory

Elemental analysis (WDXRF)
Planetary ball mill (d50 ≥ 1 μm)
Attritor mill (4 litre)
Autoclave (50 liters, p ≤ 40 at)
Chamber dryer (250 °C)
Kneader (0.5 litres, heatable)
Sieving machine (40 μm < d < 4 mm)
Pug mill (Ø ≤ 100 mm)
Hydraulic press (30 tons)
Laboratory kilns (T ≤ 1200 °C)
Top hat kiln EHB 33/33/30 g/1
(atmospheric control, T ≤ 1400 °C)
Surface grinding machine (± 5 μm)
Dilatometer (T ≤ 1600 °C)
Mechanical strength testing center (≤ 10 tons)
Brookfield viscometer
Measuring equipment for functional ceramics
Densitec® measurement system