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Prof. Dr. Ralph Lucke

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Prof. Dr. Lucke

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Ralph Lucke

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Dr. Lucke founded FIT-Ceramics in 2002 as an independent international development company for advanced ceramics with regard to analytical, technological and materials issues. FIT-Ceramics supplies tailor-made solutions for innovative partners in industry and research.
Prior to starting his own business he held for more than 10 years several leading positions in technical ceramics industry. Under his direction at EPCOS AG, Dr. Lucke's group developed leading-edge ferrite ceramics for soft-magnetic applications.
Dr. Lucke's expertise lies in the development and manufacturing introduction of ceramic and composite materials as well as related technologies. His pronounced interdisciplinarity lead to successful approaches like hydrothermal powder synthesis.
Dr. Lucke is professor for Material Analysis at the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz(branch of study: Material Technology Glass and Ceramics in Hoehr-Grenzhausen).
Apart from his occupation as lecturer and his business of research and development, Dr. Lucke is an expert witness, the author of more than 40 publications and owns multiple patents.


MSc (Diplom): Silicate Engineering, Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany, 1986

PhD: Ceramic Engineering, Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany, 1990

Habilitation: Ceramics, Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany, 2001

Awards and Honors

1990/91, Scholarship holder of the Humboldt Foundation, Technical University Clausthal, Germany

1997, Siemens Innovations Award, 150 anniversary Siemens

Publications, Most recent

Melzer, D.; Ullrich, B.; Lucke, R.: Wear of High-Temperature Ceramic Fibres Caused by Metal Oxides and Salts. cfi/Ber. DKG 80 (2003) 10, E27-29

Lucke, R.; Esguerra, M.; Wrba, J.: Processing Requirements for High End Mn-Zn Ferrites. Proceedings 9th Int. Conf. Ferrites 2004, San Francisco

Lucke, R.; Esguerra, M.; Wrba, J.: Process-Related Requirements for the Production of High-Quality Mn-Zn Ferrites. cfi/Ber. DKG 81 (2004) 11, E32-36

Kirstein, K.; Lucke, R.; Rabe, T.: Determining the Bulk Density of Green and Sintered Ceramic Bodies with Densitec®. cfi/Ber. DKG 84 (2007) 3, E21-28

Rossel, J.; Lucke, R.; Dreyer, R.; Klaer, A.; Giersberg, S.: High Density Mn Zn Ferrite Materials for Power Transformer Applications. Proceedings 11th Int. Conf. Ferrites 2013, Okinawa, Japan

Professional Organization Memberships


Lucke, R.; Wrba, J.: Weichmagnetische Ferritkeramik fuer elektrotechnische Anwendungen. Chapter 3 in: Das Keramiker-Jahrbuch 2001, ed. H. Reh, Göller-Verlag, Baden-Baden, Germany

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